Talk About Myself featured on the Starbucks Coffeehouse Pop Spotify Playlist!

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Idarose - Talk About Myself

Talk About Myself takes a sweet, yet powerfully honest look at the real Idarose. Its message is one of empowerment and acceptance, embracing the beautiful flaws that make us all human. With a sharp ear for sound and a talent for elegant expression, Idarose's mission is to create music that is pure and special - easy to listen to and hard to forget.

Late Night Gems #83

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Introducing: newcomer Idarose shares her powerful debut single 'Talk About Myself'

Newcomer Idarose enters the synth-pop stratosphere with her powerful debut single 'Talk About Myself', written as an ode to the artist's flaws. The track amalgamates effervescent synth-led production, dynamic vocals and an irresistible hook; all components serve as a channel for Idarose's vulnerable lyricism which is drenched in fervency.

Idarose - Talk About Myself - Stereo Stickman

Miami's Idarose lets her artistry shine beautifully on this debut single Talk About Myself. Much more than a simple pop hit, there are various stages to the development of this song. From the offset the lyrics captivate, the opening two lines alone draw you in for their purity and unapologetic honesty - something you don't find in much of modern pop.