Hooks that echo in your ears and resonate in your soul, lyrics that draw you into her world of dreams, and vocals that feel elegantly refined yet irresistibly raw, Idarose sings songs that make you want to dance, cry, smile, laugh, and think all at the same time.

Singer, songwriter and producer Idarose has never been genre-bound. She has a knack for helping new artists develop their sound. Idarose composes music for film, and is currently writing a full length musical. Through these endeavors, Idarose has been discovering the musical gestures that truly reflect her artistry. With an ear for the sophisticated harmony of film music, an aptitude for theater-esque storytelling, and a hand in the pop world, Idarose has begun to carve out her own sonic space and craft her enchanting sound.

As a young girl, she was always making up movies in her mind. Whether it was her hypersensitivity to noise, the songs she would improvise during car rides, or her collection of notebooks filled with magical stories, it was evident from an early age that Alexis Idarose Kesselman looked at the world a bit differently. She would later learn that the colors she saw in her mind when listening to music came from a combination of perfect pitch and Synesthesia.

Written as an ode to her flaws, her debut single “Talk About Myself” will undoubtedly capture the hearts of listeners. “Writing this song was my therapy, and I hope my words can help others learn to love their imperfections.”